Bharule Communications c.c has been creating successful productions  on  both the audio and visual needs of the corporate and private business world with great success. Our aim is to enable you to communicate your message to your audience In the most  proficient way.
What do we do?
Audio recording, Videography, Graphic design,
Graphic Enhancement, Photography, Encoding,
Corporate videos, Event management
These are just a few of the services we offer

Highlights videos
Capturing the atmosphere of any event , conference or exhibition. Including interviews with organizers,  exhibitors    and delegates.
Ideal for promoting events  and creating a record of your hard work.

Speech packages
Video of speeches creates an excellent  knowledge base which can be used either edited or in full to create  training and educational material.

Promotional videos
Promoting and advertising products, services  and corporate brands.

Big screen relay
Add impact to your event by relaying the video live to big screens of any event.

Website Conferencing
We create and update a web site covering the highlights and progress of your conference or event using HTML or Live streaming.

Training videos
Training videos are a powerful way to deliver a uniform message to staff or customers on a wide variety of topics.

Editing service
Bharule Communications c.c offers professional editing both as part of a complete package, or as a stand alone service.
Graphic design
Documentary  shoot
Video Editing
Plasma TV 
Projector Rentals

Music & Movies
Events Decor
Corporate Gift
Corporate Events
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